Hope Never Dies

It’s my second year of using thenug. Those beautiful girls are good at talking. We talk and talk and talk and talk… I don’t mind that, but when we are going to walk, if you know what I mean. I mean, we are not getting any younger and I want to find a wife for myself. Why do that girls waste their time on chatting with a guy if they are not really thinking about marrying him? I ask each and every girl directly if she would marry me. How it all ends up in hours-long philosophical fancy talking? But I still hope I’ll find the right one. Reincarnation When my wife died I wasn’t going to marry someone again. I wasn’t even thinking about dating someone else. But something absolutely unexplainable made me register on thenug. Only some time later I figured out what was going on. Zhanna, the girl I am dating now…well, online, she is not just some girl. Although her English is not that good, but I understand that she is a reincarnation of wife. Everything makes sense now. She even told me that she feels like we have met long time ago.